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Solar for Commercial Applications

With rising utility rates, solar systems for commercial buildings provide a noticeable differentiator. Solar saves you money and benefits your bottom line.

Solar is first and foremost a long-term investment decision with a variety of financial opportunities. Let us help you choose the best solar strategy to maximize your return on investment.

One of the fastest growing segments in the photovoltaic markets is the use of carports as a means to support a PV system. An ideal location to build solar carports is anywhere there is a parking lot and limited shading from trees and tall buildings.

Best In Class Service

  • Clean energy consultation
  • Innovative financing options
  • Custom design and engineering
  • Certified installation services
  • Real-time online monitoring

Simple Steps to Solar Energy

  • Site analysis and custom design
  • Rebate applications
  • Professional installation
  • Customer care and solar system monitoring

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Maximize your rebates and tax credit benefits
  • Lower operating cost
  • Hedge utility inflation
  • Increase rents and occupancy rates
  • Reduce your utility costs and your carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of property tax exemptions
  • Earn LEED and Energy Star points