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Builders and Developers

Elevate your standards with solar

For builders and developers, incorporating solar energy is first and foremost an investment decision. Clean energy production earns renewable energy credits (RECs) for cap and trade programs and meets green building standards. It allows you to take advantage of rebates, tax credits, accelerated depreciation and improved property value, gains important LEED points and differentiates your properties.

At 3E we understand the challenges of long-running construction projects and are equipped to manage them. This is why we have partnered with Integrated Power and their experienced design team. Together, we work hand in hand, long-term, with project architects and construction managers.

Solar Benefits Builder & Developers

  • Solar 7 building materials combined
  • Seamless integration options
  • Roofing tiles and custom glass options
  • Qualify for rebates and tax credits
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • 100% property tax exempt
  • Virtually zero maintenenace costs
  • Smart investment options
  • LEED and Energy Star credits
  • Increased profitability

Solar Properties Stand Out

  • Clean renewable power
  • Lower energy bills
  • Latest lifestyles options
  • Architectural significance
  • Reduced carbon monoxide pollution
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Higher resale value
  • Hedge utility inflation
  • Increased rents and occupancy rates
  • Competitive advantage

We Work Had-in-Hand With Your Team

  • Clean energy consultation
  • Emerging technology consultation
  • Comprehensive financing recommendations
  • Lease/Power Purchase (PPA) options
  • Rebate, tax credit and utility administration
  • Custom design and engineering
  • Drawing and permit submittals
  • Certified installation services
  • Real-time online monitoring
  • Consultation offered for proper warranty and performance guarantees
"3E and Integrated Power understands the challenges of long-running construction projects"
3E and Integrated Power stand together as solar advisers in its understanding of forecasted savings, and helps maximize your hedge against inflation. We offer traditional and innovative solutions to reduce emissions. Building-integrated photovoltaic systems such as carports, rooftop and awnings lower carbon footprints aesthetically and provide unique financial advantages.

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Our employee-owners are empowered to give it everything we've got to bolster your bottom line.

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Custom wire and cable solutions, online ordering, drive-through service and more.

Orders are promises

Same-day delivery, 800+ brands, and best-in-class fulfillment.

Expertise is essential

On-call technical troubleshooting and six dedicated teams of product specialists.

Gratitude gives back

Volunteering and providing financial support to our communities.

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