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SMC manufactures pneumatic equipment and machine 
elements that play an essential role in the automation industry.
SMC Solenoid Valves
JSY series is a directional control valve targeted for the robotic arms and end of arm 
tools. It has compact and lightweight design while improving its flow
characteristics. JSY is available in as plug-in and non-plug-in types.
SMC Chiller and Temperature Control Equipment
Recirculating chillers and heat exchangers are installed to provide thermal stability for applications in industrial
and applied sciences from laser cutting, welding, marking and plastic injection molding.
Lab science and analytical equipment applications include: mass spectrometry, gas chromatography,
MRIs, CT scanners, radiation therapy machines and other medical equipment. 
SMC Wireless Fieldbus System EX600-W Series
Wireless serial interface offers a full suite of diagnostics and
programmable parameters to meet the most stringent requirements.