Established in 1920, Electrical Engineering Company known as 3E, is an industry leader with diverse capabilities. We are a group of related businesses working together to enhance service to the electrical industry.

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Service Departments


3E Service Department is a group of Certified Technicians that offer on-site services. Our team of knowledgeable technicians are ready with the finest equipment to get you up and running fast! We are Authorized Specialist in: Transformers, Becker Vacuum Pump Mechanic, Level 1 Vibration Analyst, Mitsubishi & APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and Schneider Electric VFDs.

Vibration Analysis
E utilizes the Prüftechnik VIBXpert II vibration analyzer with Omnitrend software to accurately monitor your equipment. Avoid costly unscheduled downtime by catching failures in their early stages.

Alignment and Balancing
For efficient production, 3E maintains a substantial inventory of sheet and structural steel in various sizes and shapes. 
Improperly aligned machines wear out couplings and bearings at a much faster rate. We use a laser alignment system for the most accurate alignments possible. Fiels balancing is done with our VIBExpert II analyzer.

Power Quality Analysis
Poor power quality can be damaging to sensitive equipment. We can detect voltage spikes, harmonics, and various other power quality issues that can lead to costly equipment failures.

Transformer Maintenance and Repair
Power infrastructure is critical in today’s World, so it’s important that oil-filled transformers are maintained. 3E service department has a trailer fully stocked with transformer maintenance and repair equipment which can be deployed to your location.

A few examples of services offered:
•Oil Analysis
•Bushing, Gasket, and Oil Replacement
•TTR and Dielectric Testing
•Leak Repair and Welding

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs
We offer PM programs designed to detect and predict problems before a failure.
Services include:
•Uninterruptible Power Supplies-Battery Testing, Cleaning
•DC Motors-Insulation Tests, External and Internal Inspections
•Vibration Routes-Motors, Fans, Pumps, Compressors
•Vacuum Pumps-Filter Replacements, Internal Inspection

Mechanical Services
We offer various on-site and in-shop mechanical services. Some of the on-site services we offer are:
•On-Site Bearing Replacement
• Shaft Grounding Kit Installation

Variable Frequency Drive Startup and Service
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are very effective at increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs when properly utilized. Our service department can provide startup services to get your VFD set with the correct parameters. We can troubleshoot and service existing VFDs as well.

Troubleshooting Motors, Systems and Electronics
We can diagnose motors and systems to pinpoint the problem so that it can be fixed correctly the first time. Motors can be tested in the field, avoiding the possibility of a costly removal and installation process for a motor that may not even need servicing.

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