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Healthy electrical distribution systems are central to your facility’s success. And the best way to keep your electrical distribution system running strong is to have experts service it throughout its lifecycle. Schneider Electric’s comprehensive field services offered by 3E covers the entire asset life cycle of your electrical distribution equipment, helping you improve efficiency while reducing downtime, safety risks, and costs.

Keep your operations running with electrical consulting services.
State-of-the-art consulting services assess the technical deficiencies and future obsolescence of your system, and define an improvement program specific to your requirements and priorities, to prevent downtime events and safety issues.

Schneider Electric Services Promotion White Paper

White paper on how fundamental changes in switchgear design now lower LV and MV distribution lifecycle costs. As aging switchgear continually increases support costs, safety exposures and down-time, the new generation of "connected" technologies enable new digital concepts such as predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.