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Modicon M580

Modicon M580 Automation Platform

Be Protected. Secure your processes against
external threats. Modicon M580 ePAC enables you to secure your processes against external attacks.


Rope Pull

Emergency Stop Safety Cable Pull Switches

Provides machine operators a quick way to
shut down hazardous machines. Simple to use,
compact and ergonomic design.

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Redundant HSBY Processor Module

M580 safety SIL3-Level 6.
Dual processing capability to control safety
and process functions independently.

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Controller Modicon TM5

Controller System Modicon TM5

Modicon TM5 system provides flexible/scalable configurations of remote/distributed
IO islands to Modicon controllers.

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XPS MCM Controller 8 inputs and 2 outputs

Modicon XPS MCM offers an extensive
range of safety designed to provide protection
for personal equipment.

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TeSys Deca

TeSys Deca Safety Protective Cover

Since D Type contactors are rated as
safety contactors, red covers are available
so they can be visually identified.

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