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3E Generator Service Map

We service and repair all brands of generators. Our certified technicians are available 24/7-365 for service, repairs, sales, load bank tests, and rentals. We service Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, parts of Missouri, and South Dakota along with the north west area of Illinois.

Generator Service:

  • Routine servicing of your generator can help extend the operational life of your generator by diagnosing possible issues before they become a problem. 3E services all brands of generators.

Generator Repair:

  • 3E has a dedicated team to repair your generator and get it back to 100% in order to support your operation. 3E repairs all brands of generators.

Fuel Polishing:

  • Fuel polishing is a vital part of Preventative Maintenance program for diesel fuel that is stored in the holding tank. Diesel fuel in a holding tank starts to degrade in just six months from bacteria growth, dirt, water, and other contaminants. Fuel polishing will decontaminate the diesel fuel so it can be used the most efficiently in your generator.

Load Banking:

  • A load bank test is used to test the generator which is under load conditions to ensure that it is working optimally. The main reason for testing load banks is to carry out preventative maintenance necessary to avoid future damage or breakdowns.

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