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The new generation of low-voltage switchboards.
FlexSeT™ by Square D -
The low voltage switchboard of the future. FlexSeT's revolutionary design provides unparalleled flexibility to adapt to your needs. Featuring the exclusive back-fed 1600 AMP I-Line section for quick assembly, installation and maintenance. Rated up to 2000 AMP.
Designed with the flexibility to meet your project needs. Quick quote-to-order conversion FlexSeT reduces lead time from weeks to days. Designed based on your input and values. FlexSeT covers your bases; designed with I-Line for enhanced quality, safety, and reliability you expect from Schneider Electric.
FlexSeT Square D FlexSeT Square D
UL-cUL approved, helping with peace of mind and confidence, with first in the industry UL digital mark. Pre-wired harness simplify control wiring. Flexible, modular design to easily accept connected offers and digitization capabilities means you have the capability to grow with today's evolving market, as well as make change orders easy without impacting project.
FlexSetSquareD-5 FlexSetSquareD-6
What voltages are available with FlexSeT?
480Y/277 and 120/208Y.
What is the maximum fault current for a FlexSeT?
We can do up to 65K AIC.

What is the maximum main breaker capacity for FlexSeT?
Individually mounted mains up to 2000A 100% or 1600A back fed.

Does FlexSeT have an energy reduction maintenance switch?
FlexSeT will come with an MMS for breakers 1200A and larger; MMS fulfills the requirement of 240.87.
If the spec calls for ERMS (Energy Reduction Maintenance Switch) can we provide it?
No, FlexSeT comes with MMS, not ERMS.

Can we install a UL Listed digital power meter and a surge protection device?
Yes, the surge device can be added to the instrument control panel, as well as a surge device. A surge device can be installed on the branch I-Line bus as well.

How can I get more information about FlexSeT?
Fill out the request form below, or contact your 3E account representative to set up a time to view a FlexSeT presentation.