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Chromalox produces advanced thermal technology solutions that can meet any application need, not only applying and controlling heat where you need it, but also with durability and reliability. With their breadth of knowledge, experience, ability, and technical skill, they can provide and control heat virtually anywhere.

Heat Trace Product Overview

Chromalox heating cable line includes cables suitable for most process maintenance, pipe and vessel freeze protection and roof and gutter deicing applications.

Self-Regulating Low Temperature

Self-Regulating Low Temperature Chromalox SRL is constructed of industrial grade 16 AWG buss wire with a tinned copper braid and overjacketing, SRL ensures operating integrity in Div. 2 hazardous environments as well as certain corrosive industrial environments. 150°F (65°C).

Heat Trace Design Guide

Chromalox Heat Trace Solutions Quick Install GuideThe guide will help you to begin the process of designing a heat trace system. From basic heat loss calculations to choosing the correct cable for your application.

Self-Regulating Medium Temperature

Self Regulating Medium TemperatureChromalox SRM/E is constructed of industrial grade 16 AWG buss wire with metal braid and overjacketing, SRM/E ensures operating integrity in most hostile industrial environments. 420°F (215°C)