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3E’s Solar Representatives will be presenting about the benefits of solar energy and how 3E can help guide both contractors and end-users to make the best investment for their application. Visit a 3E location near you during the roadshow to learn more about solar energy and how you can take advantage of this alternative energy!

The 3E Solar Roadshow is coming to a 3E location near you! Each location will host the Solar Roadshow from 11am-1pm with lunch provided!

  • March 24th Burlington, IA
  • March 25th  Cedar Rapids, IA
  • March 26th Iowa City, IA
  • April 14th Norfolk, NE
  • April 15th Lexington, NE
  • April 16th North Platte, NE
  • April 17th Sioux City, IA

Solar energy is first and foremost an investment. Among all the benefits of solar, the most important thing is that solar energy is truly a renewable energy source. Advantages of solar include: reduction of energy bills, diversity of applications, low maintenance costs, tax & local incentives, secure investment, and savings starting day one.