Established in 1920, Electrical Engineering Company known as 3E, is an industry leader with diverse capabilities. We are a group of related businesses working together to enhance service to the electrical industry.

Business Support Solutions
Electrical Supplies & Services
Power Distribution & Energy Management
Commercial Lighting & Control
Industrial Supplies
ITS / Information Technology Systems
Electrical Apparatus Repair
Control Panels / Value Add Service
Custom Steel Fabrication & Equipment



Architectural Lighting

  • Optimum Combination of Design, Performance,
    Energy Efficiency and Light Control

Area, Site & Landscape Lighting

  • Innovative Design Illumination for Large Areas, Walkways, and Ground Lighting

Cabinet Lighting

  • Innovative Solutions that combine style with
    practical applications

Ceiling Fans

  • Ceiling fans for commercial/ industrial use, and decorative fans for residential

Commercial Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

  • Broad and Innovative Assortment of Luminaires for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Dimming / Control

  • Products and Solutions that Offer Superior Performance from Single Room to Whole Building

Emergency & Exit

  • Full Range of Solutions for Commercial, Architectural and Industrial Environments

Garage & Canopy Lighting

  • Innovative Optical Performance and Versatility for Parking Garage and Canopy Applications.

Hazardous, Explosive Proof & Vapor Tight Lighting

  • Ideal for use in Areas made Hazardous by Abnormal Conditions


  • Market Specific Lighting Products and Solutions
    for the Healthcare Industry

Industrial Indoor Lighting

  • Energy Efficient Lighting for Warehouse, Assembly Areas, Gymnasiums and Dock Areas

Lamp & Ballast

  • High-Performance Energy Efficient Lamps and Ballast

Lamp Protection & Changers

  • Encases Existing Lamps and Protects the Surrounding Areas
  • Lamp Changers to make relamping quick, easy, and safe

Lighting Controls

  • Lighting controls to meet the needs of any project- from a standalone solution to whole building

OLED Lighting

  • Organic Light Emitting Diode
  • Ideal light source for creating compelling lighting experiences in a variety of spaces

Photo Control

  • Devices which reduce energy usage through light sensoring technology

Poles & Arms

  • Decorative and Functional poles for Roadway, Parking Lot and Area Lighting

Recessed / Downlighting

  • Architectural, Specification-Grade, high-quality,
    and Value-driven commercial downlighting

Road / Parking Lot Lighting

  • Optical Performance, Versatility Fixtures for Roadway, Parking Lots and Streetscapes

Track / Rail Lighting

  • Form, Function and Flexibility for Architectural and Commercial Spaces

Sports Lighting

  • Lighting Designed for Amateur Field and Professional Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Statistics Reinforce Your Solutions & Provide Credibility

Our employee-owners are empowered to give it everything we've got to bolster your bottom line.

Ideas Generate Innovation

Custom wire and cable solutions, online ordering, drive-through service and more.

Orders are promises

Same-day delivery, 800+ brands, and best-in-class fulfillment.

Expertise is essential

On-call technical troubleshooting and six dedicated teams of product specialists.

Gratitude gives back

Volunteering and providing financial support to our communities.

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