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Atkore Power-Strut offers an endless array of channel & fittings that provides the freedom to work at virtually any angle along any surface to shape a support system that fits your exact needs.

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Buy $500 of accumulative Atkore Power-Strut products and receive a free 3E 100th Anniversary Atkore Power-Strut Carhartt Jacket. When purchases reach an accumulative $500 a printed post card will be issued to the purchaser to order their Carhartt Gilliam Jacket. These post cards will be issued 30-45 days after the promotion period ends. Promotional period is from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. NO LIMIT on how many jackets you can earn. SUBJECT TO WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Must have an open Business Account in "good standings" with 3E to qualify for the promotion.