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Our knowledgeable power distribution specialists can take your project from conceptual design to completion. Our qualified team serves you with timely and accurate quotes, detailed submittals, and project management including job site visits if needed. This is all done at the local branch level. Utilizing 3E’s ample resources, we can best serve our customer’s needs with: 


  • Panelboards (Up to 1200A)
  • Low VoltageTransformers
    (Up to 112.5kVA)
  • Safety Switches
  • Surge Protective Devices (SPD)
  • Starters/Contractors (NEMA up to Size 5, and IEC)
  • Enclosed Breakers
  • Utility Metering
    (Single Position to
    Multi-Metering Stacks)
  • Electronic Sub-Metering


  • Commercial
    Multi-Tenant Metering
  • Hospital Isolation Panels
  • Energy ManagementSolutions (i.e Square D PowerLink Panels and PowerLogic Metering)
  • Power Factor
    Correction Capacitors
  • Factory Assembled Motor Controllers(VFD's, Soft Starters, Combo Starters)
  • Controllers (VFD's, Soft Starters, Combo Starters)
  • Motor Control
    Centers (MCC's)
  • Integrated Power Centers
  • SQD Field Services
    • Power System
      Analysis (Arc Flash / Coordination Studies)
    • Equipment Repair / Replacement
    • Custom Bussing and Retrofit of Existing Switchgear
  • Medium Voltage
    Distribution Equipment
    • Metal Clad Switchgear
    • Unit Substations
    • Oil-Filled Pad-Mount Transformers(VPI)
    • Sectionalizing Switches
      and Cabinets

Power Quality and Energy Management Solutions

3E would like to be your source for Power Quality and Energy Management Solutions. Depending on the project scope, our in-house engineers or one of our vendor partners can perform Power Quality and Energy Surveys in your facility. Based on survey results, we can recommend solutions for improving power quality and/or reducing energy costs.

  Typical Symptoms

  • Equipment Malfunction
  • Equipment Failure
  • Nuisance Tripping
  • Utility Penalties
  • High Energy Usage

   Survey Data

  • Demand
  • Power Factor
  • Over/Under Voltage
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Transient Disturbances


  • Energy Management Systems
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Surge Protective Devices (SPD)
  • Filters/Active Harmonic Cancellation
  • Energy Efficient Motors and Lighting