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Windsor Heights Store Image
Windsor Heights
953 73rd Street
Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324
Store Hours: 6:30 - 5:00 pm
Emergency: 515.273.0100
       Sat: 7:30 - 12:00 (Noon)
Office Hours: 7:30 - 4:30 pm

Construction - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Charlie Miller Director of Commercial Sales
Brian Drey Outside Sales
Greg Henderson Outside Sales
Bob Hoffman Outside Sales
Tracy Hutchens Inside Sales Supervisor
Aaron Clayton Inside Sales
Jerry Miller Inside Sales
Steve Bell Counter Sales
Gavin Clark Counter Sales
Christina Madden Counter Sales

Industrial - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Doug Lastine Director of Industrial Sales
Tim Gerdes Director of OEM Sales
Kit Cline Inside Sales
Eric Daniel Inside Sales
Jeff Rains Inside Sales
Eric Hanson Inside Sales
Steve AndersonOutside Sales Representative
Wendell BrownOutside Sales Representative
Ron CumminsOutside Sales Representative
Eric Deppe Outside Sales Representative
Travis Hans Outside Sales Representative
Darrell WatsonOutside Sales Representative

Automation - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Jared Austin Director of Automation Sales
Brent Drollinger Automation Sales Specialist - East Region
Bjorn Broman Automation Sales Specialist - Central Region
Brian Webber Automation Sales Specialist - West Region
Jeff Woolery Automation Support Specialist
Nick Graber Automation Support Specialist

Its / data communications - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Russ Stokes Sales East/Central IA

Lighting - Windsor Heights

Name Position
John Temple Director of Corporate Lighting Technology
Jared Sloss Commercial Lighting Specialist
Todd Tiernan Commercial Lighting Specialist
Brian Methe Lighting Control Specialist
Eric Fraser Quotations Specialist
Julie Kist Quotations Specialist
Karen LambertQuotations Specialist
Clay Pryor Quotations Specialist
Traci Hegwood Lighting Projects Coordinator

Switchgear - Windsor Heights

Gregg DavisonQuotations Supervisor
Dave FrenchQuotations Specialist
Gavin ClarkQuotations Specialist
Greg WagnerInside Sales

Purchasing / Returns - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Tom Temple Purchasing Manager
Steve FisherVA Purchasing Coordinator
Ryan FlorerPurchasing
Michael NewtonPurchasing
Lori MateerPurchasing

Warehouse - Windsor Heights

Name Position
Joe KeanWarehouse Manager
Robert CloeWarehouse